A really good golf instructor has to wear many hats.  He is certainly aware of the swing flaws that need repair.  He understands your goals. He takes pride in his student's improvement and enjoyment of the game.  Above all, he offers hope that better golf is in your future.

Wayne took me from a 24 plus handicap to a 12 in less than a year.  I was just another golfer in my club to being in the mix with the best seniors in our club.  Shot after shot, I hear myself saying "Thanks Wayne" when the fruit of his lessons ends up with a drive down the middle, a fairway shot near the pin or a big breaking putt dipping into the hole.

I endorse Wayne without reservations.

Mike C.

I have been consulting with Wayne Tyni on my golf swing for the last 15 years.  Throughout that process of learning the golf swing, my index has gone from a 15 to a 1.9.  

Wayne has a very easy, relaxed style that is both no-nonsense, nor gimmicky, and yet extremely specific.  He uses video in every lesson to help his students really understand what is happening in their golf swings, and helps to reinforce good swing thoughts with drills and exacting positions for both the back swing and through swing.  

Although I have consulted with various teachers and even a golf school over the years,

I have always come back to Wayne, as he is able to straighten me out when my ball

striking is off!  I have consulted with Wayne through two golf club changes, and enjoyed

playing golf with him on a couple of occasions.  Wayne cares about his students and

understands the challenges of being a student of this game.  

I think Wayne is a great teacher, and believe that he could help anyone in their desire to

improve their golf swing or even coach the most advanced golf professional.  

When people inquire about my golf swing or swing coach, I recommend Wayne all the

time.  Call him up!  You will not be sorry!

Janet V.

Wayne Tyni is the most patient, kind, and greatest golf instructor ever! I met him when he was teaching my son for the high school team, he took my son to a scratch golfer. I sat and watched his weekly lessons, I thought this is easy I'm going to try, who knew the fierce journey ahead?!?!   

Through Wayne's amazing tenacity and guidance I can hold my own, not close to scratch but I'm on the woman's golf team and am constantly told what a beautiful swing I have! He never gives up on you, even when I got so frustrated and I wanted to give up, he would not let me! He is one of the best presents ever!!

Eve L.

Wayne has helped me so much with my game. I always feel my lessons are productive and I always come away with something specific to think about. He has a great ability to pick out exactly what I am doing that needs to be fixed.  He is so patient with me as I work to improve. Often while I am playing, if I make a great shot, I say “thank you Wayne” to myself. I know that he is sincere in wanting his students to learn to play better, he really cares. For that reason, I call him my golf “Coach”.

I started my 8 year old grandson with Wayne 3 years ago.  Now we are spending Sundays together playing golf.  What could be better?

Nancy K.

Wayne has helped me get my swing and golf game to a level I am very happy with. What I like about Wayne is that he makes sure that I understand why the ball is doing what it is doing and what I need to do to correct it if need be. He maintains the importance of the basics and is very giving of his extensive skills and knowledge of the game.

His love and passion for the game is contagious and above all he makes every lesson interesting and fun. He pushes me to be a better golfer and that is what I am looking for in an instructor.

Bob T.